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Experiences from Therapy Clients

Val has been a wonderful therapist for me. I really appreciate her highly skilled, warm and insightful client-centric approach. Val makes me feel validated and heard. In our sessions, Val provides me with plenty of grounding insights as well as clever self-care tips and practicable strategies. Val also talks me through which modalities and toolkits she is implementing, which I really appreciate because it builds this feeling of my active participation in my own therapy and personal-growth. As a queer feminist, I also just really appreciate how expertly she weaves queer feminist discourse with psychotherapy theories and methods to help me further develop self-awareness and expand my mental health toolkit.

Attending Valentina’s group session was my first experience with therapy, and she did an amazing job making myself and everyone else feel incredibly comfortable and supported. She has a remarkable ability to engage with a group and provide guidance where necessary, whilst also ensuring each participant has ample space to share their own thoughts and be heard

Valentina is an excellent specialist who helped me through a rough time in my life. Even though I had worked through a lot of issues in my own before I met Valentina, her insight helped me to further my healing process. She creates a space where you feel safe to share practically anything.

Valentina is not only a beacon of wisdom and clarity but a resource to many. Her approach to therapy is one of altruism, active listening, and affirmation. She has had an enormous impact on how i view the world and myself. Valentina provides a sense of reflection that makes all feel welcome and validated in their feelings and experiences. Her practice encompasses feminism and challenging affirmation. She always works with me, and approaches healing and coping in a way that we do the work together. In the years I have known Valentina I can say that she has changed many lives for good, has provided a safe space for questioning and challenging, all while maintaining the feeling that she is there for you and you can take your time to get there. She is warm, strong, and attentive. I cannot recommend her enough.

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