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Individual, couple and group therapy.
Workplace workshops for more resilient, happier and productive teams.

"Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life."

Shannon L. Alder


Therapy as a Tool of Liberation

My practice is eclectic and tailored to each client while remaining mainly based on feminist therapy. Feminist therapy involves an array of interventions and theories designed to liberate our minds from internalized oppressive ideas and to equip us with hope, power, and strength so that we may actively work against the status quo. This modality does not view therapy as apolitical, but rather as an important tool to decolonize the mind. The therapist is therefore always keenly aware of their positionality and the way their identities inform their privileges as well as their marginalisations.

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Liberatory and socio-politically informed individual therapy.

Therapy can be a lot of things: a place we go to feel safer, a retreat from daily life, a place where we approach with curiosity and exploration. It is also a place where we challenge our existing ideas and beliefs, as well as the structures around us. My practice is a place of resistance: a place where we engage in the collective work of understanding and fighting social injustice, harmful internalised oppression and ingrained beliefs. Based on some of the traditional approaches: CBT, DBT, Humanistic Psychotherapy, and Existential Psychotherapy, but also so much more than just methods. 


Founder of Queer Care Collective Berlin, where we are reimagining ways of healing. We're forging liberatory, feminist, and wholehearted paths towards collective wellbeing.

I'm always very interested in trades, for example for art, prints, or tattoos. 


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